Unique Ideas.

Here you can see how awesome we are.

To tell you the truth. Everyone is currently running in the trend of making „art“. Aesthetics becomes an excuse to make any sh** beautiful. 


But you were lucky. Here you are at BlackLemonMedia. We, a small group of originally independent filmmakers, photographers, designers and marketing experts, thought how awesome it would be if we could do it all together to offer such a great overall product. 


We see the whole life as art. The ugly and the beautiful. But our focus is clearly on the beautiful. 

So everyone who still reads this now seems to have a great interest in us. But I’m sure he or she has already noticed that there’s nothing meaningful here. 

You should always tell about yourself on such „about pages“. Then let’s do it like this.

„If it’s a pleasure to enjoy the good, it’s a greater pleasure to feel the better, and in art the best is good enough.“ Inspired by Goethe we want to perfect your product, your skills or your whole appearance and to carry it to the outside. And why us?  Because we are cool socks. 


Our Mission

& awesome.

But now we are serious again. Our mission is to make what you want look awesome.

Frequently Asked Questions

It should be clear till now. And that’s frankly not a frequently-asked question.

Since all our products are very complex, it is almost impossible to quote a flat price. Contact us, after a short briefing we know more and can make you an offer. 

First you tell us what you want. Then we’ll check it out internally. Then we will contact you to sit down with you (or online). After this meeting, we will have a more detailed idea and start designing and planning the product. As soon as there is a basic framework and a direction, it will be compared with your ideas in a second briefing. When everything fits, we go into the actual production. Then post-production and possible corrections. And when this process is over, each of us goes home happily. You, because then you have a awesome product and we, yeah, because you have a awesome product.  

Our Happy Managers

Alexander Meißner
Director & Co-Partner
Valentin Windorfer
Director & Co-Partner

Let’s get started.

Let’s finally produce great content together. We want you to get big!